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Dantes Peak Blu

PIERCE BROSNAN and LINDA HAMILTON star in Dante’s Peak, anaction-packed story about the incomparable power of nature andmankind’s unending will to survive. When unusual seismic activityis detected in the charming little Pacific Northwest town ofDante’s Peak, volcanologist Harry Dalton (Brosnan) is called in toinvestigate. Certain that a long-dormant volcano is set to erupt andthe townspeople are in danger, he convinces Mayor Rachel Wando(Hamilton) to take action. Now the race is on to evacuate the townbefore it’s too late in this gripping adventure that’s filled withadrenaline-fueled action and spectacular special effects!

  • $ 14.99

Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelSHOCK DVD
  • BrandKAL
  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationM
  • Year of Production 1997
  • Audio Type 5.0
  • Release Date Aug 2, 2017
  • Video Type Film
  • Running Time (Minutes)108
  • SubTitlesEnglish
  • Video Format BLU

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