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Alive & Rockin

In 2007 Foreigner celebrated their 30th anniversary and played more shows in more countries than ever before. The band have sold over 70 million records world wide. Only Led Zeppelin have sold more albums for the Atlantic Records label. This DVD was filmed at the Bang Your Head Festival at Balingen in Germany in June 2006 and captures the band rocking harder than ever on a setlist of their biggest hits including 'Cold As Ice', 'Urgent', 'Juke Box Hero', 'Double Vision' and more.

  • Format:DVD CATALOGUE#:AHM0082
  • $ 9.99

Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelEAGLE VISION
  • BrandEAGLE
  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationM
  • Audio Type DTS
  • Release Date Dec 3, 2010
  • Video Type Music
  • Running Time (Minutes)85
  • Video Format PAL
  • Genres MUSIC

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