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Hestonís Fishy Feast

In a bid to completely change the way we think about fishy fare, Heston Blumenthal dives in at the deep end to create the ultimate sustainable seafood spectacular. With fish stocks dangerously diminishing, the creative chef is on a mission to open our eyes to alternative ocean delicacies. Kicking off his mind-boggling menu, Heston serves sea cucumber sandwiches for his fishy afternoon tea, complete with a side of laughing gas. On to the magnificent main course, the culinary genius creates a unique dish, titled 'Heston’s day out at the seaside with wolffish & chips and saucy seagulls,' before rounding his evening off with an 'edible coral reef with chocolate starfish.' in addition, catch Heston diving for sea cucumbers in Scotland, and heading to Iceland on the hunt for a dangerous fish loved by the Vikings.Heston is joined by a host of celebrities for the most magical marine cuisine banquet ever created.

  • Format:DVD CATALOGUE#:AMA10225
  • Quantity:

  • $ 19.99

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Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelACORN
  • BrandACORN
  • Number of Discs 1
  • Region4
  • ClassificationPG
  • Year of Production 2011
  • Audio Type 2.0
  • Release Date Mar 4, 2015
  • Running Time (Minutes)47
  • SubTitlesYES
  • PackagingStd Amaray
  • Video Format PAL

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