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Monk - Season 6

In the sixth season, obsessivecompulsivedetective Adrian Monkreturns for more cases. He’s forcedto help his biggest fan (SarahSilverman), who’s accused of abizarre crime and finds himselfin a dangerous situation when hehelps his psychiatrist’s son followa treasure map. Monk’s friendshipwith Captain Stottlemeyer is alsoput to the test when Monk suspectsthe captain’s girlfriend (SharonLawrence) of murder; and his world isturned upside-down when he learnsa famous daredevil’s secret identity.

  • Format:DVD CATALOGUE#:KAL4118
  • Quantity:

  • $ 19.99

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Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelSHOCK DVD
  • BrandKAL
  • Number of Discs 4
  • Region4
  • ClassificationM
  • Year of Production 2007-2008
  • Audio Type 2.0
  • Release Date Sep 6, 2017
  • Video Type TV Series
  • Running Time (Minutes)500
  • SubTitlesNone
  • Video Format NTSC

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