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The War Zone - Fighter Aces Of The Luftwaffe, Nightfighters

FIGHTER ACES OF THE LUFTWAFFE: Featuring rare archive interviews and fascinating colour footage of the pilots and their aircraft, this programme tells the stories of men such as Adolf Galland and Erich Hartmann, two of the Luftwaffe's most experienced pilots, who recorded over six hundred enemy kills between them. NIGHTFIGHTERS: The story of the Luftwaffe's attempt to counter the night bombing raids of the Allied forces - The Nightfighters, specialist aircraft adn pilots who were trained to attack and intercept their enemy. Featured aircraft include the Dornier Do17, the Junkers Ju88m, Messerschmitt Bf110 and Heinkel He219.

  • Format:DVD CATALOGUE#:AHM0153
  • $ 14.99

Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelSHOCK DVD
  • BrandKAL
  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Apr 13, 2011
  • Video Type Documentar
  • Running Time (Minutes)110
  • SubTitlesNone
  • PackagingStd Amaray
  • Video Format PAL

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