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Tony Curtis Collection

Tony Curtis was one of the golden age of Hollywood’s leading men whose career spanned six decades. He acted in more than 100 films in roles covering a wide range of genres, from light comedy to serious drama and was nominated for numerous awards including Academy ® and Golden Globes and Primetime Emmy Awards throughout his career. This 10 DVD Collection brings together some of his most acclaimed films. - The Midnight Story, The Purple Mask, The Black Shield of Falworth, Mister Cory, 6 Bridges to Cross, SOn of Ali Baba, You can't win them all, The list of Adrian Messenger, The Outsider, The Great Imposter.

  • Format:DVD CATALOGUE#:KAL5348
  • Quantity:

  • $ 79.99

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Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelSHOCK DVD
  • BrandKAL
  • Number of Discs 10
  • Region4
  • ClassificationM
  • Year of Production 2020
  • Audio Type 5.0
  • Release Date Nov 11, 2020
  • Video Type Film
  • Running Time (Minutes)950
  • SubTitlesNONE
  • PackagingBox Set
  • Video Format PAL
  • Genres FILM,DRAMA

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