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Bones + Longing

On the back of success in her homeland of Ireland and the UK, GEMMA HAYES returns with her fifth album 'Bones + Longing'. The recording is a thing of strange and wondrous beauty. It carves out its own spooky spaces, reaching from her heart to your ear in a miasma of ghostly guitars and floating voices, haunting melodies and cryptic lyrics, gilded by subtle, understated instrumental touches and sudden, startling sonic interventions. 'I wanted to focus on the heart of the music and not strive for technical perfection,' admits GEMMA HAYES. 'There are songs that desperately want to be anthems but we've done a kind of anti-production. Drums are only used sparingly. There's a lot of first takes, flaws and imperfections. It's a more raw form and that's scary. But when I'm singing, I know what I'm feeling. I just wanted the vocal take where I really meant it.'

  • Format:CD CATALOGUE#:CDCD1002
  • $ 21.99

Additional Product Details

  • ArtistHAYES, GEMMA
  • Record LabelKARTEL
  • BrandKARTEL
  • Number of Discs 1
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Mar 6, 2015

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