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Book Of Shadows

Following the demise of the short lived Pride & Glory, Zakk Wylde started work on his first (and so far only) solo album 'Book Of Shadows'. Originally released in 1996 it is now reissued on Armoury Records and includes the 3 track bonus disc that was added in 1999. 'Book Of Shadows' finds Zakk Wylde in a much more introspective mood than on his other recordings and contains a substantial amount of acoustic material and includes 'Throwin’ It All Away', Zakk’s elegy for his friend Shannon Hoon of the band Blind Melon who had recently died of a drug overdose.

  • $ 22.99

Additional Product Details

  • ArtistWYLDE,ZAKK
  • Record LabelEAGLE ROCK
  • BrandEAGLE
  • Number of Discs 2
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 2.0
  • Release Date Oct 23, 2009

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