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Dan Kellys Dream

Dan Kelly is no stranger to an epic tale of adventure - in fact, he specialises in this very thing. His vivid three-minute guitar pop jams are epic tales, distilled with essence of tropicalia, bottled into woozy underwater escapist fantasies and coloured with ecological dread, then shaken with his unmistakeable wit. But the story behind Dan Kelly’s Dream itself is an epic tale. Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males emerged in 2004 with a debut album, Sing the Tabloid Blues. Since then, Dan Kelly has notched up five ARIA nominations, counted the likes of Gareth Liddiard (Drones), Christian Strybosch (ex-Drones), Tom Carlyon (The Devastations), Dan Luscombe (Blackeyed Susans/Drones), Lewis Boyes (St Helens) and engineer/producer/musician Aaron Cupples as Alpha Male bandmates. Second album Drowning in the Fountain of Youth was deemed Album of the Year by Inpress Magazine and nominated for the JJJ Award. He has toured the world many times Solo and playing guitar for Paul Kelly. He’s had Neil Young’s nod of approval, with the now infamous ‘Drunk on Election Night’ tune from the Pirate Radio EP which Neil included on his Living With War / Songs of the Times project. Dan Kelly has been a solo performer, a touring guitarist for Augie March and NZ Chanteuse Bic Runga, and a trio with The Ukeladies, whose legacy is ‘The SUV Song’, another among a great many Dan Kelly songs making his trademark confused and slightly rude stand against ecological travesties. As Dan admits, 'A lot of my songs are environmental freak-out songs. Public transport snooze driven psychedelic dreams and songs about trying to escape, but realising that all the same problems are still there wherever you end up. The planet is decaying, and I’ve been personally decaying along with it and trying to figure out my way through in writing all these songs. Dan Kelly’s Dream is the end of a trilogy, of me not knowing what I’m doing, through to now.

  • Format:CD CATALOGUE#:DK003
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Additional Product Details

  • ArtistKELLY,DAN
  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Jul 16, 2010

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