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Destination Unknown

Super Melody is the brainchild of James Cecil, the Melbourne-based artist and producer who made his name with globe- and genre-trotting pop group Architecture In Helsinki. After two years in the studio, Super Melody's debut album - entitled 'Destination Unknown - is finally ready for the world. The album was written by James during 2008 at his Super Melody World studio in reality the spare room at his dad's house in the Melbourne suburb of Kew. At the end of 2008, James' friend Cornel Wilczek - better known as electronic pop brainiac Qua - opened Electric Dreams Studio in South Melbourne Now there was room for such luxuries as a string section, and thanks to some beautiful arrangements from viola player Biddy Connor 'Destination Unknown' was starting to sound like a record. Other guests included another Kes Band alumnus Laura Jean Englert, who lent her glass-clear voice to the album's opening track 'Tinder Hearted'. Cornel Wilczek who laid down some smoking hot riffs for the album's lead-off single 'Worker Bee'. Julian Gilchrist of The Casinos channeled the spirit of the 80s through is tenor saxophone for the George Michael-meets-Marvin Gaye dance ballad 'Tell Me That You'll Be Good To Me', as the Wagons' velvet-voiced secret weapon Mark Dawson gave Nate Dogg a run for his money with his emotive vocal adlibs. In 2010 Super Melody is moving the crowd with a 4-piece live lineup that features Cornel Wilczek Sashi Dharann (bass) and Tom Gould (drums and samples) of euphoric party-starters World's End Press holding it all together. Look out for W.E.P. and Super Melody hitting the road together

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Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelLEVEL 2 MUSIC
  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Jul 30, 2010

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