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First And Last Hotel

Australia’s queen of country soul, suzannah espie and her band the last word release their second critically acclaimed CD. Produced by charles jenkins (ice-cream hands) and featuring an impressive line up of guests including jeff lang, chris altman (the vandas) and ian collard (collards greens and gravy) to name a few. Suzannah’s original songs brim with soul and country attitude; her voice is so rich and satisfying. Melbourne based suzannah sang for many years with female trio git and with her pianist, andrew ‘big boy lemonade’ ogburn, won the 2007 mbas blues performer of the year and flew to memphis to represent australia in the blues awards there. Now, she has emerged as an astounding singer and songwriter in her own right. Her performances are mesmerising: you are lulled by softness in her voice and then punched in the nose with its sassy strength. And the songs themselves are also strong. Alongside her band the last word, suzannah`s songs have acquired both the grittiness of the inner city and the openness of country australia. Espie`s voice swings between commanding and tender as she stamps her identity on a selection of covers and originals inpress magazine. 'Suzannah espie has proved beyond a doubt that she`s got one hell of a voice and she`s not afraid to use it. Ranging from gentle ballads to flat-out soul belters that blew the lid off the joint. Suzannah and her band, the awesomely talented, tight and just right last word turned on one of the gigs of the year!' cheap thrills magazine.

  • Format:CD CATALOGUE#:SE002
  • $ 24.99

Additional Product Details

  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Apr 17, 2009

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