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German Engines

German Engines is the Fauves 11th album in a career that started in April 1988. It was recorded in the same four days as its partner album Japanese Engines, released late in 2011. This album moves away from the introspective melancholia of Japanese Engines. German Engines is altogether brasher, walking through the room uninvited, knocking over glasses and taking fists full of corn chips. It makes a virtue of brevity, however – 8 songs tailored for the nano-second breadth of the modern human attention span. When the world stops listening you scream louder for a while. When that doesn’t get a response you take some people hostage to show you are serious. Inevitably some of these hostages will develop Stockholm syndrome and come to admire their captors. It’s an asymmetric sales strategy, high risk, bound to be stopped for questioning at the x-ray machines of some of the world’s largest airports. To fund German Engines all band members took part in a paid clinical trial investigating whether a study drug, HMPL-011, could potentially control how the body responds to certain inflammatory processes found in a number of autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Two bed-bound weeks proved both creatively fertile and financially rewarding:

  • Format:CD CATALOGUE#:SHOCK0405
  • $ 21.99

Additional Product Details

  • ArtistFAUVES,THE
  • Record LabelShock Records
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date May 18, 2012

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