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Hoss (deluxe)

As the first band ever signed to Fat Wreck Chords, LAGWAGON displayed a uniquely melodic brand of technical speedy pop punk that eventually established the band as a bellwether of the modern pop punk movement. With more than 20 years worth of material at their disposal, the idea of honouring the band’s vast influence by compiling a ‘best of ’ album came about. Joey Cape (singer, songwriter, and driving force behind LAGWAGON) had a decidedly different take on the functionality of a greatest hits collection, believing that there is so much more to a band’s legacy than their hits. Instead of limiting the scope of, and essentially artistically neutering, their original material for future generations, the band agreed to go the opposite direction and expose the evolution of LAGWAGON. Recognizing the sacramental status of their first five albums (Duh, Trashed, Hoss, Double Plaidinum, and Let’s Talk About Feelings) within the punk world, the band set to work, culling the archives in order to create one of the most comprehensive audio narratives ever compiled. The resulting 5 re-releases are nothing short of spectacular. Each album boasts the original track list alongside demos, outtakes, ep’s, b-sides, and unstructured jams from the accompanying era (including tons of previously unreleased material), all remastered from the original analog tapes. All 5 albums are also repackaged with expanded artwork including never before seen photos and an oral history provided by the band members. ORIGINAL ALBUM 1. Kids Don’t Like To Share 2. Violins 3. Name Dropping 4. Bombs Away 5. Move the Car 6. Sleep 7. Sick 8. Rifle 9. Weak 10. Black Eyes 11. Bro Dependent 12. Razor Burn 13. Shaving Your Head 14. Ride the Snake BONUS TRACKS 15. Wind in Your Sail (outtake) 16. Drive By (outtake) 17. Over the Hill (outtake) 18. Laymen’s Terms (outtake) 19. Defeat You (outtake) 20. Name Dropping (early version) * 21. Bitter Old Man * 22. Sinatragandhi * 23. Black Eyes (acoustic) * 24. Sick (demo) * 25. Shaving Your Head (demo) * 26. Derrick Instrumental (demo) * *Previously Unreleased

  • Format:CD CATALOGUE#:FAT783-2A
  • $ 21.99

Additional Product Details

  • ArtistLAGWAGON
  • Record LabelFAT WRECK
  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Nov 25, 2011

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