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hance Waters (formerly Phatchance) has ditched the moniker and burst onto the Australian music scene with the first single from his new record Infinity, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ receiving high rotation on triple j over the last few months. Now Chance Waters has come back swinging with ‘Young & Dumb’, the under-your-skin-catchy follow up single featuring enchanting Australian songstress, Bertie Blackman. Infinity is a mature, intelligent and ambitious record which impressively fuses thought provoking subject matter with musical elements from a wide array of genres, underpinned with a charmingly accessible pop-aesthetic. The album, as its title and intricate artwork hints, is a challengingly existential collection of songs. Chance is equally in his element questioning the fabric of reality (Infinity), joking about the end of days (Maybe Tomorrow) and confronting personal demons (Feel Alright) - but above all Infinity is a record which demonstrates the depth of detail and passion that sets Chance's writing apart. The bulk of the production on the album is handled by recent hit machine One Above (Hilltop Hoods - I Love It/Illy - Heard It All) and textured with contributions from dozens of musicians, guest producers and feature artists. Equally as comfortable singing harmonies and choruses as he is rapping verses, Chance effortlessly transitions between styles many of his contemporaries would be afraid to touch and operates as a song writer in a way that's uncommon for his genre. Simply put Infinity is one of the most movingly written albums to emerge from the local hip-hop scene and a perfect demonstration of why the buzz around Chance Waters is building so quickly.

  • Format:CD CATALOGUE#:PR004
  • $ 21.99

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  • BrandPERM
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Nov 2, 2012

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