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Keep Them Confused

No Use For a Name are one of independent music’s most dominant and everlasting forces; and nothing could solidify their firm grip on the underground more so than their newest record, Keep Them Confused. It’s their fifth full length with Fat Wreck Chords and it documents the band’s sincere dedication to quality songwriting and energetic punk rock. For a decade NUFAN has been a mainstay of the genre, and the brilliant Keep Them Confused is a true breakthrough for the band. After one listen, the impeccable and infectious melodies will overcome the listener; but what makes this new record truly exceptional is it’s diversity of sound. NUFAN do it all on this album: fast catchy punk songs, mid-tempo rockers, and a couple slow-paced tear-jerking hits.

  • Format:CD CATALOGUE#:FAT691-2A
  • $ 19.99

Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelFAT WRECK
  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Jun 13, 2005

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