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Long Live The Duke & The King

The Duke & The Kings debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay was one of 2009s most acclaimed albums, with its heady mix of rootsy folk-rock and vintage soul earning comparisons with artists ranging from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to Sly & The Family Stone. Little over a year later, the band lead by Simone Felice and Bobbie Bird Burke return with their second album, the extraordinary Long Live The Duke & The King on Loose Music/ Silva Oak through Shock. Entirely self-produced, Long Live The Duke & The King was recorded in the bands own studio/shack deep in their home woods of Bearsville, New York, just across the creek from the grave of Bob Dylan’s notorious manager Albert Grossman. As Felice has said 'We want to make a harmony band, vocal harmony as well as harmony between us, something we can extend to the people who get touched by our songs.' Judging by the way this album sounds Felice and Burke have fully realized such a vision. Exalting in their ongoing love affair with rock, folk, soul and psychedelia, The Duke & The King have officially knighted two irreplaceable members to the cast, Nowell 'The Deacon' Haskins (of Parliament-Funkadelic lineage), and The Sensational Simi Stone, both of whom contribute golden vocals throughout this stunning collection of songs. To crystallise the vision, the band turned to the legendary mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, renowned for his work with iconic artists such as Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Jmi Hendrix and The Band. A huge fan of the D&K, Ludwig compares Don’t Take That Plane Tonight, the albums bizarre climactic final track to his work with Frank Zappa, and their song 'Hudson River' to his work with soul legend Sam Cooke.

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  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Dec 3, 2010

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