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Melodys Echo Chamber

'Listening to Melody's Echo Chamber is like plugging into the analog Matrix.''…a kaleidoscopic fusion of psych rock and warm hypnotic pop' MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER surfaced in late June via a lone, mysterious single. The dreamy fuzz gem 'Crystallized' came seemingly out of nowhere, adding a psychedelic gleam to Summer 2012. But, of course, the magic had a maker: Paris-based singer songwriter Melody Prochet, whose sweet, airy voice retains its angelic purity even when swathed in echo. Full of trippy analog synths and lolling rhythms, Prochet's music also benefits from detailed, speaker-popping production by Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker. Prochet was floating through Paris' scarce indie rock scene when she met Parker at a Tame Impala show. 'I really wanted to know what he used for his crazy space-guitar tone,' The first thing I asked Kevin was, like, 'I need to know all your secrets,' but he didn't tell me. It's really secret. So we ended up talking about compression and nerd stuff at the bar.' The two studio geeks hit it off, and Parker asked Prochet to open Tame Impala's next string of European shows. The two traded demos on the road, and production ideas percolated. Before long, Prochet had skipped Paris to hang and record in Parker's hometown of Perth, Australia. She spent a couple of months living in a house with the boys from Tame Impala and its brother act, Pond. A full album grew from the recording sessions, and from that a new band: MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER. She wrote and arranged the songs, and Parker produced. He also provided the muscular, memorable rhythm section (playing both bass and drums), and the record came together amidst the milieu of hard rocking Perth house shows where bands were 'not scared of experimenting and going crazy.' 'If ‘Crystallized’ is anything to go by, Melodys Echo Chamber’s psych-pop sound is one that will be sweeping the world, from outback Straya to chic Paris'

  • Format:CD CATALOGUE#:FP12792
  • $ 21.99

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  • BrandINTER
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Oct 12, 2012

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