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Seeds We Sow

’Seeds We Sow’ is the new studio album from Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, his first since ’Gift Of Screws’ in 2008. The album is a showcase for his distinctive guitar picking style and instantly recognisable voice. The songs cover a broad spectrum from the simple guitar and vocals of the opening title track through the rockier style of ’That’s The Way Love Goes’, to the more complex arrangement and harmonies of ’When She Comes Down’. As on some previous solo albums, there is also a cover of a little known Rolling Stones track ’She Smiled Sweetly’, which first appeared on the Stones’ 1967 album ’Between The Buttons’. Lindsey Buckingham recorded ’Seeds We Sow’ in his home studio in Los Angeles and played the majority of the instruments himself, as well as mixing and producing. A new Lindsey Buckingham album is always to be treasured and ’Seeds We Sow’ fully lives up to the high standards he has previously set himself both as a solo artist and with Fleetwood Mac. ’Seeds We Sow’ will be followed by the release of a new live concert DVD & BluRay later in October ’Songs From The Small Machine – Live In L.A.’, featuring tracks from the new album, plus classic solo and Fleetwood Mac tracks from across Lindsey Buckingham’s career.

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Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelEAGLE ROCK
  • BrandEAGLE
  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Oct 14, 2011

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