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'Split Seconds [are the] best thing at One Movement so far. Great songs. Great flannelettes.' - Richard Kingsmill (Triple J) Initially formed as an outlet for well-known Perth songsmith Sean Pollard (New Rules For Boats) to ply his solo tunes, Split Seconds have solidified into one of the Perth's most talked about bands, who although being but a year old, have already chalked up supports with Could Control, Richard In Your Mind, Little Red, Dan Kelly, Eagle And The Worm, The John Steel Singers, The Gin Club, The Basics, Parades, Wagons, Sally Seltmann, Tim Minchin, The Chemist, Owen Pallett (Sean Pollard solo) and Sufjan Stevens (Sean Pollard solo), as well as coveted slots at the In The Pines 2010, Wave Rock 2010, One Movement 2010, Beaufort Street 2010, Northbridge 2010, Southbound 2011, Big Day Out 2011 and St Jeromes Laneway 2011 festivals. The band’s early success has been no-doubt aided by the experienced cast of all-singing and all-instrument swapping Perth musicians that bring Pollard’s songs to life with their spacious and understated instrumentation. Bassist Vaughan Davies (Emperors) is Split Seconds’ freshest addition. Davies joins his bother Rhys (Faith In Plastics), Benjamin Golby (New Rules For Boats) Todd Pickett (Abbe May And The Rocking Pneumonia) and drummer James Trewenack (Dyslexic Fish, The Jackards) in creating the effervescent harmonies that have become a trademark of the band’s live show – energising each song like a fizzing morning Berocca. Pollard first began penning songs under the Split Seconds moniker whilst working a less-than salubrious job in London mental hospital The Priory. Buoyed by a steady supply of Go Betweens, Triffids, Ned Collette and Augie March records, the songwriter set about exploring a nostalgia for home - the bittersweet, romantic notions known so well to Australians living abroad. As hinted at by first single and Triple J favourite Bed Down, Pollard has the ability to write timeless and truly affecting Australian pop songs of the highest order. Bed Down, as with all of the tracks on Split Second’s debut EP, was tracked at Cazfair Studios in Perth with producers Steve Bond (The Panics, Snowman, The Bank Holidays) and Benjamin Golby helming the desk. The record was then mixed in London with respected Australian producer Aaron Cupples, best known for his work The Drones and Dan Kelly. Fresh off the back of releasing their second single 'What A Week', Split Seconds will launch their self titled EP at Amplifier Bar on Saturday March 12th 2011.

  • Format:CD CATALOGUE#:SS0001
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  • Record LabelShock Records
  • Number of Discs 1
  • ClassificationE
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Mar 11, 2011

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