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Meet MEAT WAVE, a Chicago trio who play insanely catchy punk rock. The band's chemistry between Chris Sutter (vocals, guitar), Joe Gac (bass) and Ryan Wizniak (drums) propels their songs with undeniable force and charisma. 'Brother' is a raw, under-two-minute romp and the video's stuttering images echo the song's claustrophobia & restlessness. 'Brother' is backed here on the EP by 6 other slices of crucial pop-punk, including the vicious, swaggering 'Sham King'.Sutter, Gac and Wizniak found each other in 2011, all twenty-something participants of the local Chicago scene. MEAT WAVE's sinister bass lines, maniac drumming and fuzzed out guitars draw from influential post-punk bands like Hot Snakes as well as Chicago pillars Jesus Lizard and Naked Raygun.As one fan described them on Bandcamp earlier in 2014, MEAT WAVE are, 'snotty and radical and explosive - like sneezing while eating pizza.' Chow down!

  • Format: CATALOGUE#:BYR001V
  • $ 19.99

    $ 10.00

Additional Product Details

  • ArtistMEAT WAVE
  • Record LabelKARTEL
  • BrandKARTEL
  • Number of Discs 1
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Jan 30, 2015

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