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Forget I Brought It Up

Grey Gordon is finally ready to unveil his first album, Forget I Brought It Up. This debut album follows a string of EPs: Still At Home Here (2013), Sleepless (2012) and Outgrowing Hope (2011).While mostly known for his acoustic performances, the singer-songwriter picked up the electric for his latest effort and drew upon a wealth of talent he’d acquired over the years; ultimately creating a record that transcends genres and time with brilliantly crafted songs and thoughtful lyrics that would fit well alongside his musical heroes.'It's the record I've been waiting to make since I was kid,' he says of Forget I Brought It Up. 'It's a big departure from mellow acoustic jams, but it's still me through and through, and I think listeners will recognize that. We recorded the whole thing to tape up in Sumner, WA with Benjamin Barnett of Kind of Like Spitting at the helm, which was an actual dream come true. It's not about one thing, but if I had to choose an overarching theme that presents itself throughout the record, I think it would be the indifference of others. This is an album for the person who can't figure out if it's him/herself or the world that's gone completely insane.'

  • Format: CATALOGUE#:NSR116-1
  • $ 24.99

    $ 12.50

Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelNO SLEEP RECORDS
  • BrandNOSLEEP
  • Number of Discs 1
  • Audio Type 1.0
  • Release Date Sep 5, 2014

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