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Shock Entertainment is an independent Australian owned and run organisation providing quality content on DVD, Blu-ray and digital distribution platforms.

Based in Victoria, the company's content transcends across multiple genres and audience providing quality entertainment.

In the 25 years that the company has been in business, it has built a strong reputation in the market place in being known for producing collectable sets of high quality TV Series content with many extras to create added value. Brands in this category include The Good Place, The Superstore and Air Crash Investigations.

The expertise within the Shock business model enables us to be able to launch DVD releases into the market immediately upon being notified of a broadcast date.

Armed with strong back catalogue of AAA feature films Shock Entertainment is able to produce cast driven collectable sets as well as establishing the company as a strong competitor in a price driven market. The business also has a very quick call to action in seeking and acquiring childrens content that is linked to a licensing brand in the market or compliments a release timed perfectly to a theatrical launch.

World class theatrical documentaries and foreign language cinema have also proven to be a success for the business.

Our team has a wealth of experience gained both locally and internationally and share in a genuine passion for the industry and the content we represent to our working partners. Spanning from licensing, sales, marketing, IT, administration and finance; our team is all about driving more engaging content through clever marketing strategies to yield continued success.

Shock Entertainment is currently engaged with all major retailers both bricks and mortar and digital in Australia and New Zealand.